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  • Zie hier @Bartswier voor verhaal John vd Heuvel van @telegraaf cc @GerlofLeistra @PeterRdeV Geen excuus wel andereā€¦

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  • A new Kennedy has just stood up. The President is currently not there for all Americans. #timeforchange

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  • Rechtspraak is dan wel niet gratis maar wel openbaar

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  • The proposed ambassador of the USA for the Netherlands needs to do (better) research. Same for his boss, omg

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  • open and transparent communication
  • clear agreements between lawyer and clients
  • total care
  • quick and effective services [literally, 'your'] is an initiative by Richard A. Korver, a lawyer practising in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. KORVERs past includes establishing the training firm The Act Trainingen. With years of experience as an entrepreneur and consultant to companies, groups and individuals behind him, he is now working for himself as a lawyer..  Request Form

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